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Affiliate marketing is the art of online income by the means of promoting products from businesses or online vendors.

Some potential benefits to consider:

  • Work from anywhere in the world

  • Build a passive income online

  • Work at your own pace, your own schedule, and on your own volition


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Affiliating Marketing is an increasingly popular means of generating income, or even building an entire career online. An affiliate is an individual who promotes products and is paid a commission based on the number of sales that he/she directly influences to the product in question. One aspect of starting an affiliate marketing business which may seem confusing at first is how to get started. After registering with a certified affiliate marketplace, There are numerous ways one can promote an affiliate link.

Example Affiliate Marketplaces:




Once you have made an account on a (hopefully) certified affiliate marketplace, your next priority is to choose a niche and products to promote. A niche is a specific component of a broader category, for example, ketogenic diets would be considered a specific niche of the broader categories of nutrition and fitness. Breaking down This is where your skills and interests in the real world comes into play, as even though it is not a technical requirement in the long run, having an interest or specialization in a specific niche will simplify the process of writing informative and persuasive content to promote the product in question; as you would already be knowledgeable of the topic in question. I will provide an image below which highlights some of the variety and specificity you can expect when it comes to the options of products you can promote from ClickBank.com, as an example:

The above image displays the broad category selections from ClickBank.com's affiliate marketplace, and the the Mobile category is in focus. The broad category of Mobile products includes specific niches such as Apps, Ringtones, and Video. Although an affiliate marketplace may not categorize its product selections in such detail, it is possible for a specific categorical niche to contain sub-niches, and perhaps even a sub niche of a sub niche. An example of a sub niche for this mobile products category for example, would be the more specific genre of the app in question, such as food ordering apps, dating apps, or social media apps. I will provide two more snippets below which display example products and commissions from Avangate and Rakuten.

Not all affiliate marketplaces are the same, and there is a rift in value between tangible/physical products and intangible programs, or services. You can generally expect to be paid higher commissions by marketing intangible products, as the costs associated with producing and distributing such materials is often significantly lower compared to tangible products. Of the three affiliate marketplaces I have discussed so far, Clickbank and Avangate are more geared towards Intangible products while Rakuten is an e-commerce service which favors tangible products.

There are numerous means of promoting a product as an affiliate. One simple option is to use a blogging program such as Google Blogger, and produce informative and persuasive materials for the product in question, while including your link somewhere on the page. It can be difficult to build a more substantial income or a career like this however, as you are merely passing off traffic to the source of the product rather than yourself. One of the most tested and effective methods of building a successful affiliate markeitng business is the sales funnel method.

A sales funnel is an abstract system in which an affiliate collects e-mail subscribers via opt-in forms placed on blogs or landing pages, and then sends out content and affiliate offers through an autoresponder. The reason why the sales funnel method is so effective is how it allows an affiliate to maintain a connection with and retain subscribers to send further content to after making a sales pitch.

Building a sales funnel will almost always require at least a small monthly investment, as the majority of email marketing platforms will inevitably charge money after a free trial. Regardless of this however, setting up a sale's funnel is relatively simple. First, you must make an account with an email marketing service such as Aweber, MailChimp, or GetResponse. These websites will provide you with the utiliites you need to set up an email campaign and opt-in forms. A good practice is to set up an email campaign in which emails are not sent every day and favors quality content over the volume of offers. You can place opt in forms on a website, or also on some blogs which allow javascript or html gadgets (like Google Blogger).